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Copper door about the production process

Release time:2017-05-05

Structural skeleton, external wrapped processing of good copper panel profiles. Easy to bend plastic, easy to crack the T2 copper belt is a very good copper door profile, the use of more in the copper door. Although copper is anti-corrosion materials, but the copper doors in the production often also do its further anti-corrosion treatment.

For example, the first drawing in the surface, and then a number of surface cleaning, ultrasonic passivation, partition panel profile surface contact with the corrosive material to maintain the original color of copper. Followed by no less than two phosphating treatment, the formation of a protective film on the surface, which also after the spray paint, 1600 degrees Celsius baking, natural cooling and other steps, the copper door to the final completion. As for the door of the steel skeleton, have been hot-dip galvanized, and then the copper structure welding, installation.

In addition, with other materials like the door, the copper door should be customized, the workers on-site investigation to determine the details of the size, and then go back according to the relevant data and graphics cut, and then installed.